Create Your Own Success

Second Life is a beautiful virtual sandbox. You can be anything, do almost anything, and yet I see some of my most talented friends feel unheard, unwelcomed, and overall left out. They are waiting for someone to give them success.

Inspiring astronauts should build their own spaceships, and rockets & push forward with their overall vision in mind. Create your own magazines, blogs, and vlogs, and be the person you’re waiting for an opportunity from.

Success is a personal concept and its definition will vary from person to person. Before you can achieve success, it’s important to determine what success looks like to you. Think about what areas of your life are most important to you and determine how you will measure success in those areas.

This could include things like career success, family success, financial success, physical success, mental success, etc. Consider where you are now and what you would like to accomplish in each area of your life. Don’t be afraid to dream big and go after it yourself.

(I am not a Second Life blogger for any brands. You will not find every credit here from my photographs. If I remember or have the time I will list the products. If there is something missing or you’re curious about; as always contact me.)


  • .:Space Engineer:. – Art Deco Rocket
  • Alive: fullperm ski helmet
  • MGmen’s – Jacket 2020
  • [Deadwool] Kojima jeans
  • WarBug Goggles – No Strap

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