A Different Suit

My journey to true Identity is taken a more gallant stand lately. I love it. I think most people who express themselves in an artistic medium have struggled with this point. Being unapologetically yourself in a space field of saftey.

As a friend stated yesterday when I showed her this photo “Amidst all the suits… just be unapologetically you”. When I look back on my Flickr, I see different periods of where my mind was. Evolving into different mediums of black and white stills, being safe, and experiencing moments of uncertainty.

At the time I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do so like most people I tried everything. I love all forms of photography, yet nothing made me feel. Nothing made me crave the next piece forming in my mind amidst the inspiration I already had. Eventually, I tried something from my brain combining it with what I already knew and it had a hold of me. I fell for it.

I knew what I wanted to do wasn’t in the common norm. It evoked a lot of vulnerability in me that I wasn’t ready to share. I pricked at it. You’ll look through my Flickr and I’ll hit you with something so unusual which shows my deep self to only go back to the basics of what was safe. I wasn’t ready.

There’s something about the New Year that’s always been refreshing to most of us; me too. I know I’m a different suit, and unapologetically embracing that has been a relief to my creativity.

(I am not a Second Life blogger for any brands. You will not find every credit here from my photographs. If I remember or have the time I will list the products. If there is something missing or you’re curious about; as always contact me.)


Dutchie – Hanging Clothes

Kraftworks – Closet

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