There is something eerie about this garment that I just had to work with. It took me back in time and came off quite unusual to me. It reeled me in like bait on a hook and I just had to work with it.

My creative post-production process for this was a pleasure. I knew I needed a clothesline so a quick google search led me straight to the high quality of Nutmeg. I’m not a decor or interior blogger on the grid so finding those items are always a task for me. Yet, I am pleased with the choice I made.

Modding the clothesline in world & post-processing was easy. I was baffled at how clean Nutmegs work is when it came to their modifying options. Their work helped me complete my task flawlessly.

Dutchie has been doing a stellar job at creating high-quality decor items. This one is an older gentlemans hanging coat in many assorted colors and it looks right out of a different period in time.

(I am not a Second Life blogger for any brands. You will not find every credit here from my photographs. If I remember or have the time I will list the products. If there is something missing or you’re curious about; as always contact me.)


Nugmeg – Clothesline

Dutchie – Hanging Coat

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