Branches & Bones

It’s still winter and I can’t kick my love for nature, and plants at the moment. I wanted to dive into winter but didn’t want to force it. You’re either feeling it or you’re not. Branches and Bones is a surreal piece that allows me to focus on replacing the body with where my mind is at; nature & art.

I want to form a love for nature and man. How I can intertwine both in a creative way. I’ve done this before, yet coming up with concepts I haven’t touched on within this medium has been a fun challenge.

I take a lot of inspiration from real-life artists & photographers and within myself to sometimes create pieces that are original enough to me that it becomes mine.

I’ve been pushing these plants together inworld in different angles and playing with composition and form. I was adamant about leaving his garment on due to wanting to show the human form blending in with nature. Maybe he has seeped into the soil and whatever is left is being overtaken by nature. I wonder how you’ll perceive it?

(I am not a Second Life blogger for any brands. You will not find every credit here from my photographs. If I remember or have the time I will list the products. If there is something missing or you’re curious about; as always contact me.)


Cold Ash – Blaise Tee

Ariskea – All Plants

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