Magritte x Mac.

Dabbling in Surrealism requires great homage to Rene Magritte. Entering this world I’ve been very loud about my love for inspiration and Rene is one of them. Doing a piece honoring him as I enter this genre was inevitable.

This piece was fun, quirky, and very much Rene while still being me. I took creating this piece with the idea in mind that Rene & I were collaborating. If I had the honor during his time to collaborate with this genius this would be the ideal outcome.

It was my goal to honor him in a way that was apparent; and there’s no better way than to do so with a bowler hat, umbrella, and clouds. If you’ve noticed he tends to keep the same elements while remaining faceless. Just like surrealism combining dreams with reality Rene pulls no stops into making sure each of his pieces is identifiable.

A huge thank you to him from me, and I hope this pays him homage by combing both of our worlds with praise and admiration.

(I am not a Second Life blogger for any brands. You will not find every credit here from my photographs. If I remember or have the time I will list the products. If there is something missing or you’re curious about; as always contact me.)


[HW] – Bowler Hat

L&B – Tux

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