A Piece of Art

I see art in many forms. Creating it the traditional way and forming something special within my connections. Sometimes, those art pieces can be taken off the wall; and something they can hang for a very long time.

Every time you meet someone new, you create something together. You sketch conversations, you paint on the bond, and you hang proudly what you have formed. Sometimes the best pieces of art are ones that have no direction and they are just happening. The painting is coming together over, days, weeks, months, and years.

The value of that art depends on how you care for it. Where are you going to store it, hang it, and can you dust it off if it starts to crack? Some of the most expensive pieces hold their value in their upkeep and longevity.

They say “The more renowned an artist is, the more their work will be in demand by collectors and institutions”. Well, I say the more you care for your relationships, you commit to the upkeep when those cracks form is all the value you need within each other.

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