A Beautiful Annoyance

I’ve poked, prodded, and nudged myself to create. The past weeks I have felt the jolt to enjoy my art here yet plagued with a lack of motivation. What’s changed? I feel it! One thing about me is; I’m going to do what I want to do for myself. If the inspiration and the burnout occur; I allow it. I live in it. I let it do its thing until it passes.

Lady Grazia, has been a huge influence on me taking time to unwind and be without pressure. It’s refreshing, how supportive someone else could be here. Her encouragement through understanding that needed space for what I love; has been paramount for continue self-appreciation and our connection.

Coming out of the torturous shadows to create, with a positive support system in this community showed me she’s selflessly beautiful. Beautiful enough to share a safe space where our art and mind can dance within our personal work.


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