Handful Of Love

Handful Of Love, is humorous and light-hearted like my connection with Lady Grazia. It symbolizes how we met. A funny comment she left led me to send her a message asking for more depth and depth is what I got.

Love is a handful and holding on to it, and taking care of is a feat for most. You want to dance in this feeling without wondering if it’s limerence or lust. To engage in a connection based on a beneficial soul tie that truly can stand most conditions in the Second Life Culture.

Is it safe love, or is it love for now but not yet tomorrow? Asking ourselves these questions and truly ensuring the person we’re loving is our compatible counterpart is vital. Do you love that person or do you want to be loved because you haven’t been? Do you need that person because you need to experience love? Are you in love or need to love something else so you don’t feel a past love?

Having a level head, asking the tough questions and opening yourself up to all experiences of love can grant you a lot of answers.

I haven’t been in love in years and to feel the love I do now is an offering in my hand I hope to continue holding on to for a while.


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