Pour Some Peace

Peace is a feeling of contentment and tranquility, and it is an essential part of how I enjoy my Second Life experience. I’ve found value into how I maintain the peace that surrounds me, what I engage in and what I allow. It gives me the ability to create, to express and unleash what I enjoy doing in the Secondlife Community without restricts that hold me back.

I’ve met some amazing people here; yet our incompatibility could pull us into a depth we were never meant to go. Some liquids just don’t mix. You pour into the wrong cup and it’ll taste bitter.

I believe knowing what you want, what you need and having clear cut boundaries will keep your cup full of likeminded components that add flavor to the taste.

Putting effort into pouring peace into the right cup, can create a ripple effect of positive energy and cultivate the inner calm that brings a sense of balance and joy into our lives.

So what are you drinking? Whats in your cup?


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