Business Minded

This photo Business Minded, resonates with what’s been happening in my life lately. I’m pushing myself through a career change that allows me to have even more freedom than I do now! Letting go of the workload, and finding balance to enjoy a simple lifestyle is whats keeping me fruitful and in great spirits.

This change for me has been huge. I come from a very hardworking lifestyle, that kept me busy, up and out and gone on whim. Now for nearly 2 years past, I have more freedom than expected; and it feels fantastic.

I’ve taken up new hobbies, more time with my child, and spending time in the secondlife world has kept me mentally stimulated and at peace. Slow living is what I would describe my current life experience.

Did you notice the avatar change recently? I’ve dibbled and dabbled with an older avatar that shows a play on my age. I’ve stepped out of the shadows and went from keeping my age to myself to embracing individuality. I feel more at home with this avatar than I have any of my past ones.

I’ll admit, he’s a challenge to work with but I enjoy the puzzle pieces it takes to put together an image with him Im proud of.


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