Business Minded

This photo Business Minded, resonates with what’s been happening in my life lately. I’m pushing myself through a career change that allows me to have even more freedom than I do now! Letting go of the workload, and finding balance to enjoy a simple lifestyle is whats keeping me fruitful and in great spirits.

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Big “Mac”

I came in from a busy evening, sat down, and in my mind popped this cunning disgusting piece “Big Mac”. If I can invoke myself to remember what I create that’s a win for me. Sometimes that’s doing things that are unusual, off the wall to feed that creativity that lingers within.

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Pour Some Peace

Peace is a feeling of contentment and tranquility, and it is an essential part of how I enjoy my Second Life experience. I’ve found value into how I maintain the peace that surrounds me, what I engage in and what I allow. It gives me the ability to create, to express and unleash what I enjoy doing in the Secondlife Community without restricts that hold me back.

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A Dogs Devotion

You’ve heard the saying “As loyal as a dog”. Dogs have set the bar pretty high for loyalty. Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. From their unwavering dedication to their owners to their unconditional love, dogs embody the true meaning of loyalty. From this, there is much that we can learn. In this blog post, we will explore the special bond between humans and dogs, and what we can learn from our furry friends about the power of loyalty.

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A Beautiful Annoyance

I’ve poked, prodded, and nudged myself to create. The past weeks I have felt the jolt to enjoy my art here yet plagued with a lack of motivation. What’s changed? I feel it! One thing about me is; I’m going to do what I want to do for myself. If the inspiration and the burnout occur; I allow it. I live in it. I let it do its thing until it passes.

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